Harrison’s Roofing would love the opportunity to earn your business when an unwanted leak occurs. Upon our inspection we will diagnose the issue and prepare an estimate for you within the same day – typically to repair the issue permanently. Homeowners are scammed year after year with repairs that cost hundreds of dollars, and consist of a tube of caulk. Harrison’s will charge you fair market value, and leave you with a solution that is permanent, and a company you can trust for years to come.

We Can Fix it!

We Can Fix It!

nail_bullet_sm Flashings – Key Components in a roof system, Harrison’s can replace flashing on roof to wall transitions and/or chimney flashings.
nail_bullet_sm Leaks – We are very knowledgeable when it comes to detecting leaks, and recommending an affordable solution.
nail_bullet_sm Missing Shingles – A few shingles missing does not usually warrant an insurance claim. Harrison’s will match the existing shingle and provide a minimum charge to replace the missing shingles in a timely manner.
nail_bullet_sm Siding – We are more than capable of replacing vinyl panels and/or detach and reset siding that is loose on your home and/or business.
nail_bullet_sm Improper Ventilation – Many proofs depreciate prematurely due to improper ventilation. Our Harrison’s Representatives can inspect your intake and exhaust, and guide you on proper ventilation techniques to ensure you are getting the full life span out of your system.