Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repairs Lexington KY Fayette County

The materials used to construct your home are designed to stand up against weather.  However, When nature brings severe storms with wind and hail, your home may sustain significant damage that affects it’s integrity for the future.  Our experts are here to get your home back in pristine condition.

Harrison’s Roofing has replaced thousands of roofs throughout Kentucky that were approved for full replacements by insurance companies. Our supervisors are trained to make the claims process very smooth.

storm damage

nail_bullet_sm Free inspection – Providing our customers with a detailed inspection report.
nail_bullet_sm Explanation of claim process – If our representative finds significant damage he/she will inform you to file a claim.
nail_bullet_sm The insured (you) will have to file the claim, being that it is your carrier and property.
nail_bullet_sm Harrison’s Roofing will assist the assigned adjuster at your discretion. We strongly recommend having a representative present to represent your best interest.
nail_bullet_sm Our representative and your assigned adjuster will take all measurements or exterior components damaged.
nail_bullet_sm Harrison’s Roofing and your insurance company will agree upon a price determined by the square footage and fair market value.
nail_bullet_sm 7-10 days is the normal turnaround time for you to receive an itemized copy of our findings with the overall price.
nail_bullet_sm Upon receiving the itemized findings, you can call your assigned Harrison’s representative to schedule an appointment for material choices and colors.
nail_bullet_sm Once the contract is signed by both parties Harrison’s will schedule your repairs around your schedule.
nail_bullet_sm Upon completion your Harrison’s representative will have you sign off on the project stating that all repairs have been made to your complete satisfaction.
nail_bullet_sm Harrison’s Roofing will then send that document to your insurance carrier to release any recoverable depreciation.
nail_bullet_sm Upon receiving the final check, you will then need to call your representative to inform him/her of receiving final payment. Our representative will schedule a day to collect this payment.

*Note: Harrison’s Roofing will represent you to the utmost professionalism. All we ask is that if Harrison’s Roofing represents you at the time of the adjustment, that once approved Harrison’s Roofing will be awarded with the repairs. We do not ask you to sign anything up front, we trust that our clients will be impressed with our follow through and stick to the verbal agreement.*