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Re-roof on barn


 1 of 3 structures replaced on this individual horse farm. There was leaks that were rotting the sheathing along the eaves of the barn. We installed Certainteed Landmark shingles Color: Weatherwood

Burchette Roof Replacement

Mr Burchette had shingles that were falling down the roof due to improper nail placement when originally roofed. There were several leaks taking place due to the shingles being misplaced. We installed a GAF Timberline HD

Color: Pewter

We also installed new Copper counterflashing on the front of the home. Beautiful end result!

Owens Corning Duration Color: Driftwood

Our client's roof was 25 yrs old, and they were in the middle of renovating the complete interior of the home when they noticed 2 leaks on the ceiling. Fortunately, they were just getting ready to re-texture the ceilings when they noticed the leaks. Talk about perfect timing; the homeowner's re-textured the ceiling, and we came in and replaced the complete roof several days after.

Copper Cricket Installation

The Courtney's chimney had no cricket and or saddle before the roof installation. During the replacement of the complete roof we had decided to install a copper cricket. The cricket's purpose is to divert water around the chimney instead of diving straight into the chimney and it's flashing.

Chimney Flashing and Chimney Chase Cover Replacement

Mr. Wang was experiencing a troublesome leak that was running all the way down the chimney chase and eventually staining the drywall in his basement. The original chase cover had been installed wrong from the beginning, ponding water on the top of the lid. Eventually causing rust, and water infiltrating around the fasteners. Harrison's fixed the leak with a new stainless chimney chase cover, and new counterflashing of the brick chimney.

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