Case Studies

Case Studies

Lead Pipe Boot Leak Repairs in Lakeside Park, Ky
Customer in Lakeside Park, KY called in with a couple leaks she thought were coming from the pipe boots on the roof.
Storm Damage Roof Repair in Florence, Ky
A homeowner in Florence, KY called in stating that they had shingles that were missing. Upon reaching the 2nd story of the home on the roof, I noticed a fairly large patch...
Garage Leak Requires a Roof Replacement in Lexington, Ky
Customer in Lexington, KY called in with a leak in their garage.
Roofing Power Vent Leak Repaired in Lexington, Ky
Customer in Lexington, KY called with a leak coming from the roof down into the interior of the home.
Chimney Leak Roofing Repair in Lexington, Ky
Customer in Lexington, KY called in with a bad leak coming in from somewhere around the chimney.
Home Inspector Roof Report Follow-up in Lexington
Our homeowner is closing on a home in the next few weeks, however, the home inspector gave him a laundry list of repairs to be done to the roof before the closing. We went...
Downed Tree Put a Hole in the Garage Roof
During the storms on Friday, July 20, a tree fell and crashed through the singles and the sheeting on the garage. Attic space of the garage was water damaged as well.
Funky Trim Work causing Leak in Lexington
Homeowner was experiencing some pretty steady leaking into his dining room. Upon inspection, we found this chopped up piece of trim work needing to be replaced.
No Chimney Cricket means Bad Leaks in Lexington
Our homeowner is having trouble with some pretty bad leaks on his roof. Upon inspection, it was determined that a lack of a chimney cricket and an improperly installed pipe...
Total Home Spruce-Up for Lexington, KY Home
This homeowner has decided to totally revamp her home with all new siding, roof and gutters. This lovely home has decided to show her age a bit in recent years and the owners...
Total Reroof after Years of Patch-ups - Lexington, KY
After years of patching up their roof, the homeowner has decided enough is enough and its time for a whole new roof.
Nail Pop Roof Leak Repair in Lexington, Ky
Customer in Lexington, KY called with a leak coming in through the laundry room.
TPO Roof Pipe Boot Replacement in Lexington, Ky
Our customer in Lexington, KY runs an apartment complex and they are redoing the interiors, which means rerunning some roof vents as well.  
Loose Shingles Repaired in Lexington, Ky
A customer in Lexington, KY had called in because of shingles coming off of his roof. The roof was about 15 yrs old and pretty steep. Dan Styers met the customer, talked with...
Lexington, KY Gutter Leak Needs Repairs
Customer in Lexington, KY called in with a couple leaks coming from her gutters.
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