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Harrison's Roofing Case Studies: Loose Shingles Repaired in Lexington, Ky

Friday, July 20th, 2018 by Dan Styers


A customer in Lexington, KY had called in because of shingles coming off of his roof. The roof was about 15 yrs old and pretty steep. Dan Styers met the customer, talked with him briefly about the problem he was having and was given a tour of the home from several leaks the homeowner was experiencing. Upon our inspection, we noticed the shingles were "slipping" off of the roof, meaning the shingles were sliding down the roof. Unfortunately, Dan had to inform the homeowner that the original roof was improperly nailed. In the roofing industry, we call this "high nailing." Companies will "high nail" shingles and unfortunately, this will go unnoticed for years. Throughout the years of the roof, the shingles will ultimately begin to slip out of place due to the weight of the shingle, and gravity working towards the nail that was improperly placed.


We advised Mr. Burchette that making a repair would not end the slipping. Unfortunately, the complete roof had been high-nailed. Ultimately, the repairs would be ongoing with an expensive outcome. We recommended a full roof replacement in order to confidently have a roof over his home that would last and to correctly fix his ongoing leaks. Mr. Burchette ultimately received a new GAF Timberline HD roof system. The roof turned out great!

Project Summary

Architectural Shingle: GAF Timberline HD "Pewter"

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