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Garage Roof Replacement in Lexington, KY
Customer in Lexington, KY called in with a leak in his detached garage.
Gutter Apron Install in Lexington, KY
Customer in Lexington, KY called in because she was having an issue with water running behind her gutters and dripping down.
Copper Cricket Installation on a Lexington Roof
Customer in Lexington, KY called in with a leak.  Ice & Water had been punishing the backside of the chimney for nearly 20 years. During the winter months, ice and...
Soffit repair in Lexington, KY
Customer in Lexington, KY called in with some soffit that had popped out.
Chimney Chase Cap and Flashing Replacement in Lexington, Ky
Customer in Lexington, KY called because he noticed the chimney was leaking from the roof line all the way down to the basement where the water was staining the drywall.
Roof Repair - Georgetown, Ky
A homeowner in Georgetown, KY had a leak coming into the kitchen on a 2 story home. Upon inspection, we found that the first course of shingles was cupped due to the gutter...
Wind Damage Roof Needs Repairs Georgetown, Ky
Customer in Georgetown, KY called and was originally looking to obtain an estimate for a full roof replacement due to the missing shingles and the age of the roof. Upon measuring...
Full Roof Replacement in Georgetown, KY
A customer in Georgetown, KY called in with a leak coming from her roof.
Bad Wood Decking Replaced on a Roof in Nicholasville, Ky
A homeowner in Nicholasville, KY had a frustrating leak on this beautiful home. Upon our inspection, we noticed the shingles were in pretty rough shape, and the flashings...
Deteriorated Flat Roof Needs Repairs in Nicholasville, KY
The homeowner told us she had several leaks around a flat roof going around a modular home. Upon inspection, we noticed that the roof was very deteriorated and had several...
Versailles Storm Damage
During the storms Friday, July 20, a tree fell on this customer's front porch, resulting in damage to the gutters, shingles, and wood.  Versailles was hit especially...
Revived Chimney Flashing on a Roof in Wilmore, Ky
Customer in Wilmore, KY had reached out to us after noticing one of our fleet trucks. He had a leak that he had tried to repair himself, however after purchasing several products...
Skylight Replacement in Louisville, Ky
Customer in Louisville, KY called in with a leak she thought was coming from the roof.  
Roof Inspection in Louisville, KY
 We performed a hail & wind inspection after a storm for a homeowner in Louisville.
Roof Flashing Repair in Louisville, KY
The homeowner had a leak right underneath the flashing where the bay window comes out up against the kitchen wall. The flashing had never been counter-flashed into the brick;...
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