Are you buying a roof from a tradesman or a glorified salesman in Lexington, KY?

Friday, February 16th, 2018 by Dan Styers

So, you're sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon with your family. A storm is moving in, you can hear the distant rumble of the thunder approaching. The rain starts pelting your exterior windows, causing you to have to turn the tv volume up slightly to overcome the sound of the storm outside your home. Shortly after the storm blows by, the tv volume is adjusted back down to a comfortable volume. Once turned down, you start hearing a dripping noise, drip...drip...drip. Your first reaction is to start investigating where this noise is coming from. After a short while, you notice the living room ceiling is beginning to develop a brownish circle. Now the dripping noise is showing its face. You've known for quite some time that the roof is at least 20 years old, looking at it from the road you've known the roof has seen better days. Fortunately, you've known that the roof was going to be needing to be replaced in the near future. Luckily, you've saved your hard earned money knowing this day was coming. Now you have 2 options:

1.) Repair

2.) Replace

Obviously, the "replace option" are most local roofing companies favorite option due to this being the big ticket item. However, repairs are always a cheaper option, and can most likely save a huge out of pocket expense for several years. Mind you, several years that will save you depreciation on your new upcoming roof eventually. So now you're faced with reaching out to a reputable, local roofing company. This can be time-consuming, and often frustrating. But at the end of the day, you need to protect one of your biggest investments, and keep a dry roof over your family's head. Below are the most common methods that customers find a roofing company:

  •  Google local roofing company
  • BBB
  • Angie's List
  • Call a local company truck you notice in town
  • Reference from friend or neighbor

Eventually, you find 3 local companies and set appointments for their Estimators/Field Supervisors to come out. Ultimately, every roof is different. Hence why we need to put eyes on your upcoming project to document the following:

  • Introduce company & professionalism
  • Measure complete roof
  • Document any troubled areas
  • Document landscaping (difficult areas to protect landscaping while tearing off the roof)
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Document all accessories on the roof, Ex: Pipe boots, vents, and flashings with pictures

Harrison's Roofing is one of the most established, oldest roofing companies in Kentucky. Our doors have been opened for business since 1964. With that longevity comes experience. Here are "Red Flag" experiences that Homeowners and Property Owners should be cautious of when choosing a reputable roofing contractor.

Modern Day Roof Salesman





  • Sales Rep shows up in a car to estimate your project (We see this often recently, a sales rep will show up in a Cadillac with a small fold up ladder in the trunk of the car) Roofing is one of the most dangerous trades of any exterior project. Many times the sales rep's ladder is too short to even access your roof to thoroughly inspect it. If I was an accountant for a living, I would invest in a nice calculator to assist me in performing to the best of my ability. We understand that some may be new to the trade, however, why does the company not invest in its company representative??
  • Company Representative is not comfortable on roofs in general. (Obviously, there are some roofs that are as steep as a church steeple, making it very difficult to access without the proper safety equipment) However, there are Company Representatives that are no more comfortable on a roof than the homeowner or Property Owner. Would you trust a doctor that has never stepped foot in a surgery room?
  • Often Estimators will tell homeowners or property owners that they use Eagleview, or Aerial Pictometry for measurement purposes. There are 3 reasons some use this tool, lack of knowledge on how to properly measure a roof, uncomfortable on roofs, or have not invested in a ladder to access the roof. The problem with not accessing the roof is there may be a dead valley that needs special attention, lack of ventilation on the roof, or rotted sheathing. There may be additional layers of shingles under your existing roof, without access to the roof this is impossible to tell without accessing the roof. These companies will slap you with a Change Order on the day of tear-off adding unforeseen expenses to your original estimate.
  • Many Sales Rep in the field today have no product knowledge and or installation knowledge. There are companies that do not invest in their employees. Meaning that some sales reps don't know anymore regarding a proper roof replacement than a painter. Many of these reps watch a few youtube videos and are instructed on what product to sell, implementing to the homeowner or property owner that their materials are second to none with no such evidence to back this statement up.
  • Car magnets (little to no investment from the company) usually points to short-lived employment. If such Sales Rep doesn't produce, the company will then peel off the magnet, terminate employment, and slap the magnet on the next sales reps car
  • Extended manufacturer warranties are highly recommended, these warranties are readily available and are not outrageously priced. These warranties will ensure that your project's roof is being backed by a multi-billion dollar corporation in the event any discrepancies arise with the product and even craftsmanship. Are you being offered these investments? Are they explained in detail?

Slick Salesman

Please keep in mind that many companies operate on a smoke & mirror basis. Reviews can be fabricated, and or paid for. Companies often pay for "top" placement on search engines, portraying establishment and quality craftsmanship. Please do your due diligence when hiring a roofing company. We hope this may assist you, and possibly help to assure you receive quality materials, installed by a true tradesman.

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