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Wind Damages Roofs and Property in Central Kentucky

Sunday, May 27th, 2018 by Dan Styers

Mother Nature is capable of anything, whether it be snow, ice, extreme heat, hail storms, tornadoes, or even severe thunderstorms. Living in Central Kentucky we all joke about the fact that if you're not liking the weather currently, just wait 10 minutes. Unfortunately, Mother Nature always wins when a severe weather event is confronted with a home and or businesses. Shingles and or a low slope roof system are obviously vital when it comes to keeping your investment dry. What would be your first step in ensuring your property hasn't been compromised by wind? 

Below we've compiled a list of actions to be taken to safeguard your investment.


A. Once the storm has passed, walk the perimeter of your property looking at your roof and siding. (Ensure there is nothing missing)

B. Depending on the severity of the storm, most reputable roofing companies perform Free inspections.

C. If in fact, you do see missing exterior components, getting it covered should be of the utmost importance to prevent extensive water damage.

D. Call a local, reputable contractor that can install an emergency tarp if need be

E. Depending on the severity of the damages, a contractor that is knowledgeable with insurance claims may be a necessity for your best interest

Severe wind damage to home

Roughly 30 percent of all claims nationwide are from wind claims. With that being said there are many factors that come into the equation when looking at a roof that has a measurable amount of damage. Sometimes, depending on the age of the roof several missing or creased shingles will warrant a full replacement due to the like, kind, quality, and repair-ability factor. Often, we come across old roofs that have several missing shingles, due to the age of the roof the repair damages the roof even further. Many homeowners often feel bad filing a claim when the roof itself is in a depreciated state. However, as an insured we ask that you keep in mind that your carrier is still collecting a premium on that roof. If in fact your insurance carrier came back to you and discounted your premium due to the age of the roof than that would be understandable.


Old creased architectural shingle


Upon the contractor's inspection, they should notify you of whether the roof may be repairable to avoid a claim and or if the roof is repairable. If repairable the contractor should be able to provide a detailed estimate on the repairs. If the roof is irreparable and deems an insurance claim, the contractor of your choice should be able to navigate you through the insurance claim process. Typically, these are the steps that typical homeowners or property owners claim goes through:

1. Homeowner/Property Owner reaches out to the claims department for your carrier

2. Upon filing a claim, your carrier will assign a claim number to your claim for any future reference

3. The insurance carrier will then assign an outside field adjuster to your individual claim

4. Typically, the assigned adjuster will reach out to the policy holder within a 48-hour window to schedule an inspection date

5. Most reputable contractors will offer to meet with your assigned adjuster in order to protect your investment and ensure all line items are approved for a thorough roof replacement.

6. Contractors that are knowledgeable in insurance restoration use either Xactimate and or an insurance restoration estimate platform to ensure you are being paid fair market value.

7. Upon approval, your insurance carrier will provide a detailed itemized estimate

8. 9 out of 10 times as long as the insurance carrier has all the proper line items to replace your roof correctly, the majority of contractors can work within the estimates perimeters.

9. Your contractor will then set up a time & date to go over shingle styles, colors, and accessories on your roof. A detailed contract is highly recommended.


Wind Damage in Central Kentucky - Image 3


Harrison's Roofing has assisted thousands of homeowners & Property Owners throughout Kentucky with their insurance claims when deemed necessary. We are very knowledgeable when it comes to wind and or hail damage and what it does to an exterior envelope. We have been working hand in hand with Property owners & Insurance companies for 54 years, making Harrison's Roofing one of the oldest roofing companies in Central & Northern Kentucky!

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